Dalmatians to Help

Our volunteers are compassionate and loving.  Our foster moms have taken in and cared for both senior dogs and young dogs who have presented with cancer or with other life-threatening conditions that made them not adoptable.  They do not warehouse these dogs, but care for them as family members, with love and respect.  

Medical expenses do mount up!  While we are happy to provide care and comfort for these needy dogs, we have to pay the bills.  If you can help with a donation, we are most grateful.  

              As a member of Purebred Dog Rescue of St. Louis, we are a 501(c)3, tax-exempt,  all-volunteer non-profit organization.

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Can you see that Tango's left hip is not the same as the right?  His injury went untreated for about five months, until he was picked up as a stray and transferred to Spotsavers.  His surgery was complicated by scar tissue that formed during the months that he went untreated.  This costly surgery will be followed by costly rehab.  Your donations will help defray these costs!  

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Tango had his surgery and therapy and recovered well!

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Tango is a sweet boy about a year old.  He has a nice future ahead of him, with your help.  He is now in his forever home!!



Ella was an unclaimed stray from a shelter in southwest Missouri.  Her sweet temperament won over the shelter workers, who said, "We are so glad she is going to rescue - she truly deserves it.  You can tell she has always been a house pet and she HATES it in the shelter!  She almost starved herself at first and we put her in the ICU room and she thrived on the attention. But, that room is limited to really sick dogs so it was back to the masses with her. We know she would not live long if left out there.”

They were right about Ella's sweet and loving nature.  There is nothing mean about her.  But when her intake vet exam showed a mass on her urethra, the cancer diagnosis made her unadoptable.  The mass has grown very slowly in three (!) years, thanks to monthly medication, but the cost of her special meds is about $40 a month, in addition to the usual costs and special vet care.  In the meantime, Ella has continued to be adorable, and goes to work with her foster dad when the weather is favorable.  She thrives on attention and lets you know that she really does deserve pampering.  She is not yet in pain, and enjoys life daily!  She brings joy to her foster family.

Your donations will help Ella stay comfortable in her golden years.  Ella has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge after 4 years of loving care by her foster parents.


Not all special needs dogs have physical injury or illness.  Our beautiful Sophie came from a puppy mill.  She spent her first 6 years there producing puppies twice a year, and lived in a pen.  The only people she saw were the men who fed her daily and mucked out her pen weekly.  Sophie was in foster care long term because she had so much trouble adjusting to her new life and bonding to her fosters.  She now lives in her foster home permanently.

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